Call for Action NAJMS July 2012

Please read  the time to read an article by this year’s Autism  & AD/HD Conference keynote speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Mumper.


The care of children with autism requires attention  to medical problems which they may develop. Significant subsets of children with autism have  intestinal inflammation, digestive enzyme abnormalities, metabolic impairments, oxidative  stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and immune problems which range from immune deficiency  to hypersensitivity to autoimmunity. The authors work within a paradigm that views autism  as a body wide, multi-system disorder. Behavioral symptoms may be signs of underlying pain  in children with communication problems and require attention to underlying pathology rather  than relying on behavioral measures to extinguish the behaviors. Opportunities for improving  quality of life and autistic symptoms are found by using a combination of detailed histories, physical exams and laboratory evaluations to uncover clues about underlying medical issues  that need to be treated. The current prevalence of autism and the suffering of the children  and families involved call for action by primary care physicians working in collaboration  with researchers, specialists and parents if these children are to receive appropriate medical  care.” Taken from the North American Journal of Medicine & Science.

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