Methylation Expert – Dr. Benjamin Lynch, N.D.




At the end of his Junior year of University, Ben took a year off to travel throughout the South Pacific and SE Asia. Ben volunteered with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, worked as one of seven cowboys on a seven million acre cattle station in Outback Australia, lived with a Fijian family on a remote island and was a crew member on a 70′ schooner from Australia to Indonesia. These world experiences taught Ben how to effectively listen, honor and understand people of all types.

The year long backpacking trip also planted the seed of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. While in India, Ben became severely ill. Having thought he had malaria, his East Indian friend took him to a local Ayurvedic physician. After taking prescribed herbal medicines, Ben felt better within the hour. From then on, Ben decided to learn more about this effective form of medicine.

Ben graduated from Bastyr University in June 2007 with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

During clinical training, Ben became aware of Environmental Medicine. He sought out the best physicians and trained with them. Ben had the opportunity to work side-by-side with William Rea, MD, the world’s leading Clinical Ecologist.

Having seen patients suffering from chronic diseases caused by environmental exposures, Ben has carefully sought out effective health products and lifestyle techniques. Ben intends to specialize in Environmental Medicine and ‘medical conundrums.’ His goal is to eventually open a large facility where hundreds of people can be treated inexpensively using the ancient methods of hydrotherapy.

Ben currently lives in the Seattle area with his wife, Nadja, and their three boys: Tasman, Matvei and Theodore.