100% Diet Challenge

This year, I have been inspired by a number of families who were able to make the transition to 100% GFCF or SCD. The results have been remarkable so I decided to issue a 2011 challenge to all families doing special diets to GO 100% for 6 WEEKS!

Let me give you an example of why diet therapy is so important. Autism, ADHD and other developmental issues are caused in large part by inflammation. Research shows that the brains of children with ASD are inflamed and that their whole body has very high levels of inflammatory markers. Children with ADHD have a higher risk of developing heart disease which is caused by ongoing systemic inflammation.

The digestive tract manages inflammation. Food that is not completely broken down will increase

inflammatory load. Let’s imagine inflammation is water from a flood. A flood causes damage to walls, floors and allows microbes like yeast to take hold and grow. The digestive tract is very similar. Unbroken down food sits in the digestive tract and feeds microbes like yeast, clostridia, strep and many others that have been linked to developmental delay.

The key to removing the most amount of inflammation from your child’s body is to completely remove the foods. Just like with a flood, the leak has to be completely stopped before repair can occur. Trying to patch up damage from a flood that still has water coming in is not the most effective way to fix the problem.

“I couldn’t possibly stress this point enough, so I’m just going to repeat it: BE STRICT ABOUT THE DIET. There isn’t’ room here for just one cookie or just one scoop of ice cream. One cookie or one scoop will do harm.

Dr. Julie Buckley, MD
Author of Healing our Autistic Children

A “leaky gut” is one of the most common findings in children with developmental delay. Resolving this problems leads to considerable developmental gains with respect to language, behaviour, social, focus, and cognitive function.

So, I issue this challenge – 100% dietary intervention for 6 WEEKS. I realize that this will not be easy for everyone but the results can be, and often are, incredible.

The Natural Care Clinic has recently hired a nutritional consultant to help families and individuals create healthy sustainable dietary changes. Kathy Fleischmann is available for a complimentary consultation about diet for all patients.