Biomedical Treatment

Biomedical treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and ADHD takes a functional approach to treatment.  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) includes what is referred to as classical autism, regressive autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and PDD.  To simplify, I will refer to these developmental disorders as ASD or autism.  I realize that these disorders present differently but as you read through the different sections, it is important to understand that the chemistry and physiology of developmental issues is very similar.

Functional medicine treats the individual by assessing underlying impairments in each person’s system.  Biomedical treatment includes thorough assessment through medical history, family history, review of systems and laboratory testing.

Benefits of biomedical treatment include:

  • Enhancement in receptive, expressive and spontaneous language development
  • Increase in vocabulary, language complexity and appropriate use of language
  • Increased social awarenesss, interaction and appropriate play
  • Cognition, understanding and learning
  • Eye contact and responsiveness
  • Normalized behaviours and interaction including self-stimulating, self-injurious, tics and aggression
  • Understanding and feeling emotions, affection or increased tolerance to touch


Biomedical treatment addersses physical complaints such as:

Individualized treatment for autism, PDD and ADHD is not only based on the most recent research, it is based on ground breaking research that is changing the way developmental delay is perceived by the medical community.  Mounting evidence, for example, is showing that ASD, like other developmental disorders, is biological in nature.

The long held belief that autism is a mental health issue is being challenged based on physical findings such as immune dysregulation, elevated heavy metal and/or toxic load, inflammation, enzyme dysfunction, dysbiosis or microbe imbalance in the gut, nutrient deficiencies and altered neurotransmitter biochemistry (chemicals that regulate brain function).

While biomedical treatment is not considered mainstream treatment for ASD and other developmental issues, thousands of children have benefited dramatically.  I have seen tremendous success in the over 2500 children that I have treated on the autism spectrum.  Biomedical treatment does not help every child but it has the potential to help t he majority of children with ASD, ADHD, OCD, Tourrette Syndrome (TS), LDs and many other developmental issues.